Your Definitive Guide to the Perfect Interview Technique by Innes, James
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The Interview Book is the definitive manual of interview preparation and technique, written by James Innes, the Founder and Managing Director of The CV Centre - the UK's leading CV consultancy - based on his many years' hands-on experience within careers consultancy. The advice given is tried, tested and proven on a daily basis within The CV Centre.

The Interview Book takes the reader through planning, preparing and organising a winning strategy on to an explanation of the various different interview scenarios - and how to handle them. There's an extensive analysis of the different questions you might get asked and this is followed by a key feature of the book - nothing quite like it exists in competing titles -a section covering the 15 most common interview mistakes and, most importantly, precisely how to avoid them. The book concludes with advice on how to proceed after the interview - how to close the deal

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