World’s Best Eco Friendly Destination Worth Visiting in 2017

Travel is one of the largest industries in the world today. Traveling has its own benefits as well as its consequences both personally and globally. One of the things people do in the beginning of the year is to start drawing a plan for the next vacation. As tourists, we all want to a vacation where one can marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature and experience serenity at its very best. However, choosing the perfect destination can make the difference.

Are you an eco-adventurer? 

If yes, then you’ll want to check out the list of the best eco friendly destinations in the world worth visiting.


Renowned for being one of the finest diving destinations in the world, Palau is a beautiful island nation full of great natural wonders. Its crystal clear water boasts several lover underwater creatures including over 500 species of coral saturated with more than 1,000 kinds of fish.

Also, there are plenty of pristine beaches and jungles worth trekking. It strategic location in the westernmost corner of Micronesia has protected this breathtaking island nation’s traditions and natural resources from the negative effects of tourists. Locals work all day long to maintain the paradise like feel of their island. More than 450 miles of reefs and lagoon waters are restricted zones for fishing, making it home to several endangered species of fishes. 

Norwegian Fjords

Norway’s famous fjords have preserved its breathtaking beauty by its strict environmental regulations. Norwegian Fjords is home to beautiful snowcapped mountains, impeccable waterfalls and pristine waters. Hiking and biking activities awaits visitors on its rugged terrain. Asides many other natural attractions found here, Norwegian Fjords boast small fishing villages that has maintained its long standing traditions. Norway has protected its unique coastline from mass tourism through its strict environmental regulations on the fishing, whaling and petroleum industries. 

Costa Rica

Eco travelers will definitely find Costa Rica impressive and for good reason. Black sand beaches, misty cloud forests, thick rain forests and much more offers spectacular activities for outdoor adventurers. For nature lovers and animal enthusiasts, plan your trip to one of Costa Rica’s national parks and catch great sights of countless numbers of creatures. Some of the animals include sloths, monkeys, sea turtle, crocodile and poison dart frogs. Also, visitors can also choose from a wide list of eco-friendly accommodations options in Costa Rica offering great customer service and satisfaction.

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