Wireless Headphone,Syllable True Wireless Bluetooth Sports D900 Headsets Earbuds
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Were you ever struggling with the wire of your regular headphones? It always gets tied together, it fouls into everything, and you have to mind where you're putting your phone. Not to mention that usually wires get broken after a while and you can throw away the whole earplug because of that.

Syllable D900 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headsets, this new technology wireless headphones can be the solution for your struggle. With absolutely no wires what so ever, it can be a convenient way of listening to music everywhere, even is the gym. It is small and lightweight so you can take it everywhere with you. It has an active built in sound block, to ensure that you can listen to what you want without being distracted by outside noises. It seem to work very well, too.

It has a nice design, and comes in black colour - which you can change thanks to the extra white earhook, if you like - and the small size provides a nice, aesthetic look. It's very cool and comfortable to wear it.

So, these two fully wireless earbuds are 2 independent units, therefore you can use them separately as well. It means, that you can connect one to a phone while connecting the other one to another phone. It connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and provides approximately 3 hours of runtime, but their stand by time is much longer. To charge the earbuds, you just simply have to put them back into their case, close the lid, and plug the USB cable in. It has built in LED light that will indicate the status of the battery. Just plug it in during the night, and you can enjoy your music for a couple of hours the next day.

There is a single button on them with which you can turn them on, control music and accept or reject incoming calls. There's a microphone built in so you can use them for phone calls as well as listening to music.

The package comes with the 2 earbuds, extra white set of earhooks, an USB cable, and with the carrying case which is a charger at the same time.

This new technology is not yet seeming to impress testers. It's written on the info sheet that the Syllable D900's Bluetooth range works up to 10 metres without obstacles.

Well, testers experienced that the actual Bluetooth device has to be pretty close to the earbuds themselves to provide good connection. And for the obstacles, putting your hand on your ear seemed to be enough to make it drop audio. Also, being headphones, the quality of sound would be very important. However, in case of this product sound doesn't seem to be great enough.

REAL WIRELESS! Wireless connection, wireless charging. Two earpieces work alone or together
NEAR PAIRING! Turn the two earpieces on and put them together, they will get paired automatically
UNLIMITED BATTERY LIFE! The containing box is also the charging station.It offers 6 times' full charge to the two wireless headsets
SINGLE or DOUBLE! Wear one or both the headsets as you wish
MORE SUITABLE and CONVENIENT !The shape of the earbuds fits your auditory meatus perfectly. With a little piece of rubber, the headsets stay firmly in your ear when working out or running or doing exercise in the gym
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