Why Women Lie To Men

Men lie to women and women lie to men for many different reasons. Relationships are not always perfect and there are many deceitful persons out there. But I have found out that the main reason that cause women lie is always connected to money. 
A woman could find out that she is pregnant for a poor man, and decide to lie to a rich man about her pregnancy, as she tries to find a way to have a comfortable life. Women simply decide that having a baby for a poor man will cause too much stress and rich men can give them the things they need, so they can take care of their child and live a comfortable life. 
So she will lie to the rich man, as she tells him how handsome he is and how much she loves him. So that she can be in a relationship with him, even though she knows she only wants to be with the man, because of what the man has. Life with a rich man is all about comfort, and some women prefer that more than facing poverty with a man who has nothing much to offer.
A real lack of money can hold us back in life, as there will be a lot of opportunities that we won't be able to benefit from when we have no money. We could end up watching the years go by, as we wait on the right time to start a family, because we can't afford to even save towards buying a home. And some couples don’t like the idea of raising children in rented houses. As they believe it will be harder to save towards buying a home with the added expense. 
It has been revealed that one of the most common lies women tell is that "money doesn't matter at all". It has been said that, they will get married when they love a person even if the person has no job. But life can be very hard to deal with when there is not enough money to do the things we need to do. 
Women lie about money when they buy expensive things and then tell their partners that they didn't spend a lot on it. They just lie to avoid an argument.  
And if they want to encourage their partner to cook more meals for them, they will tell him that the food tastes great when it is not properly cooked. When she is hoping the lie will cause the man to start liking the idea of cooking more often for her. So that she can spend less time in the kitchen.
Some women will also lie about how much their partners are able to please them in bed. Women will groan and moan and even pretend to have multiple orgasms. When they want men to feel confident and when they believe that their behavior will help to improve their relationship. As it has been said, that men perform better in bed when they are confident. so women will lie about the experience to boost their partners confidence sometimes.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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