Why women are getting plastic surgery

We live in a society obsessed with looks and yet the very women who are worried about their own appearance shield the lengths they're prepared to go to change the way they look. Most of the women hide the fact they are having plastic surgery from their husband, friends and/ or children. Nowadays, it's not difficult to find a plastic surgery hospital or a woman with a “fake nose” or perfect breast filled with silicone. So why do women have to go under the knife even when they’re afraid of the reaction they might get?

To be more confident

People have surgery not to impress others, they do it to impress themselves. For many people, it's about getting their confidence back. They’re not just being pushed into changing our appearance for men. The internal motivation to boost self-esteem by looking ‘perfect’ is likely the strongest. We feel we have to be exemplary in every area of our lives – but success in career, family and home are all things that can be achieved through dedication.

So now that cosmetic surgery alone has become affordable and easily available, if these are the things we feel are obstacles to happiness, why wouldn’t we? Higher self esteem is something people are willing to do just about anything for, which is one reason why plastic surgery has become so popular.


There are so many reasons and way why women go under knife to be more beautiful, or at least it makes them think they become more attractive after the surgery have done correctly. As we’re human, we can’t stop the aging process. And some people feel that their outward appearance doesn’t reflect the ther energetic person they are inside. Plastic surgery can help them to create a new more youthful appearance. It doesn’t mean that it will stop the aging, but definitely will boost their inward vitality and outward appearance. Or to some people, to be like celebrities who they crazily admire means beautiful.

The dream to look like a Hollywood celebrity can be a strong reason driving people towards cosmetic surgery, but this is not a good reason. For the Hollywood stars, a surgery that change their appearance means a lot to their career and sometimes it’s an essential factor; however, for people who idolize a famous person and just want to look more like them, the motivations are in the wrong paths and they might extremely get regret in the future.

Other reasons

There are many other reasons such as an accident, an accident can leave people scarred or deformed and an surgery is necessary in this situation; a birth defect and birthmarks, a reconstructive surgery is very helpful in this case, to correct birth defects and restore normal functioning and appearance; some people want to change the outlook to make their partners happy (which is a wrong reason), to make sex better (because they’ll feel and look sexier)..

Whatever your reasons, if you’re considering surgery, be sure to weigh the options carefully. Nothing is 100% perfect, therefore you should understand that any surgery presents risks.

As always, plastic surgery correction through additional procedures can be attempted, but going back to your original state is often not possible. If plastic surgery will make you feel more confident, more attractive and you feel in your heart that it’s the right course of action, then do your research, find a reputable surgeon and let the transformations begin! But if you think it’s unnecessary and the reasons aren’t not appropriate, or not strong enough, remember that you are the way you are, respect yourself and be true to who you are.

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