Why Parents Need to Say They’re Sorry

The impact that saying “I’m sorry” has on your child is incredible. It seems so simple, yet it’s something children need to hear from us. It’s important because it helps teach your child many things and solidifies your relationship with them. When you make and acknowledge mistakes, you are setting a wonderful example your children can follow through adulthood. By apologizing to your children, you will teach them some very valuable lessons.
1. The value of their own limitations
When you apologize, you teach your children that they don’t need to be perfect. Everyone has their limitations and it’s important that your children know that despite them, they can still be competent and loved.
2. It’s okay to be wrong
Admitting when one is wrong should never be seen as a sign of weakness so teach that to your child. In fact, asking for forgiveness when we have been wrong takes a lot of courage.
3. Adults aren’t perfect
Children that are raised to think everything adults do is right 100% of the time will be in for a shock when they’re all grown up. It’s better that they see that adults make mistakes and take responsibility for them so that they too will grow into responsible adults. 
4. Mistakes make for opportunities to learn
When you make a mistake and apologize for it, you can also use that mistake to teach your child what not to do. You can use it as an opportunity to discuss what you should have done instead.
5. Not apologizing sends mixed messages
Kids don’t always know how to say something about it, but they sure know it when we make a mistake. When you have acted wrongly and don’t say something about this bad behavior, you’re setting a poor example that they will imitate themselves. 
6. Everyone makes mistakes
Children need to know that making mistakes is all a part of life. If we’re too fearful of making mistakes, we will never challenge ourselves to learn and grow. Life is all about trial and error, and to fear making errors isn’t a life well-lived. By showing your child that everyone makes mistakes here and there, they will feel more comfortable when they make mistakes. And when you say sorry for your mistakes, your child will feel more comfortable apologizing for his own mistakes too. 
Owning up to mistakes and learning when to say sorry for them is part of being mature and responsible. Teaching this skill to our children is the best way to raise them into adults that can face the difficulties and disappointments of the world with grace.
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