Why my daughter makes me a better man

I believe every event in life changes its flow for good. Some turn for the better, others for worse - that is life, but I know this, dear daughter, my life changed for the best the day you were born. Yes, you made me a father, and with that, I have become a better man for all those around me.
You give me the strength to rise, just like your sweet memories remind me with joy the beauty of life. There have been countless ways by which you have changed me - for the better. But let me speak of the most remarkable of these.
First, you have led me to believe that family always comes first. That sometimes, you need to fight the entire world to do what is right. But then you inspire me to stand firm for what I believe in. You have helped me understand that the world is a flow of caprice, and the true test lies in believing in yourself first, everything else will follow
Second, you have led me to be a braver man. You have given me a reason to fight and the cause is worthy enough to face the harshest trials of life.
Thirdly, you have led me to lead a better life, mentally and physically. You give me reason to live, and I know I have to be around you, to motivate you to move forward every day. And therefore, I have become more careful and aware of my own health, just as I keep caring about yours.
Fourthly, you, sweet daughter have led me to understand, anew, the meaning of love. Your innocence leads me to love you and care for you. But in the process, I have learned to care not just you but your mother, your family and the world at large. You make me believe that, this world, despite all its vices is worth giving your love, even it may never come back to you.
Someday , inevitably, you will grow up, pursue your own path and family, but never forget that you are an inspiration to all those around you - keep loving, keep inspiring thus, my sweet one
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Nguyen Kinh Luan
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