Why do you need to stay positive?

Everyone wants to be happy and successful in life. However, many (most?) are not. In particular, many people act like victims. Something is wrong, and they feel that everything is against them or being stuck in a routine.
Whatever the reason is, people who behave as victims are often depressed, negative and self-pity. They can even be aggressive with others and with themselves. Unfortunately, this is a terrible vicious circle. 
What do you need? Develop a positive attitude - a positive outlook towards life. It is from that moment you start your way to a happier life. In fact, I would say even more: If you have a positive attitude then it is almost impossible to return to a vicious circle, as described above.
Everyone has goals and aspirations in life. To be able to achieve its goals, you must have the right tools. Although some tools requires special skills in certain areas, the most powerful ways are often the most simple and are adaptable to any situation. And the most powerful tools are Life Skills and Positive Perspective.
1. LIFE SKILLS - you are what you eat
I cannot stress enough the importance of living a healthy life. Seriously, if you still feel tired, hungry, fragile, there is a good chance that you are not very positive! A healthy life includes a healthy diet and physical exercise: you need both for your feeling good.
By drinking lots of coffee or energy drinks and eating too many sugary foods, your energy, and your mood will suffer larger variations in a roller coaster. It's hard to stay positive when you consume a lot of sugar and caffeine. 
Try replacing sweets with fresh fruit. Eating healthy products without dyes, preservatives, and other added products will help you maintain a steady level of energy, avoiding these energy falls. Also, if you feel a bit tired and depressed, exercise! This seems cons-intuitive, but go walking or running for 30 short minutes can get your body moving and ventilate your mind.
As I said, healthy living is very important to develop a positive mindset, but it's also one of the hardest things to follow, it takes a lot of discipline.
2. POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE (see the bright side)
Something vital to cultivate a positive mind is your ability to see the good side of life. People tend to amplify the negative situations and relativize the positives. This happens when we put ourselves in "front" position while we must put ourselves in the shoes of an objective observer to measure the positive and the negative. 
What we're trying to do here is to balance the scales. By changing the perspective on things, we analyze the situations or events in our lives to eliminate negative stereotypes.
The next time you face a problem, big or small; take a step back from the situation. Identify positive and negative points. Try to list three things you could do to turn the negatives into positives.
For example, imagine that you ask for a promotion at work, but it is denied. Of course, the downside is that you have not got your promotion. But what are the positives? Go to your employer and ask why this offer was refused. You have now taken this experience and turn it into information. 
See the bright side; you can gain experience in each event / situation and use it enthusiastically to move forward instead of constantly thinking about it, complain and regret. One of the highlights of put things in a new perspective is that it is a universal method: it is also important and efficient to apply it in small daily events of your life in the greatest moments.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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