Why do men often put their hands into their pants during sleep ?

Sometimes, I see some male friends put their hands into their pants while they are sleeping. Out of curiosity, I looked it up on Google and found out that not only men from Vietnamese but also from everywhere else in the world have a certain amount of them doing this during their sleep. So, why is there such an action?
Scientists are also puzzled by this, and these are some conclusions they drew from their researches:
1/ To protect their junks
Most men definitely felt, for once, the agonizing pain when their lower parts were hit. Primitive people used to be hit there as well, and generations after generations, the protection of the genitalia became one of men’s survival instincts. When they sleep, this very innate instinct makes men put their hands into their penises, in order to prevent accidents such as their children hitting them with toys or someone dropping an object onto them.
2/ To warm or cool their balls
To optimal temperature for healthy sperms is 33oC. Sometimes in their sleeps, the testicles are cold, and men will unconsciously put their hands down under in order to keep their two precious jewels warm up to the require temperature. Or vice versa, when it gets hot, men will also, without their knowledge, reach under their pants and create space for their balls to ‘breathe’.
3/ To relax
The act of touching, caressing, and scratching body parts such as the back, the abdomen, and especially their lower parts (ordinary scratching, not the sexual one) helps release oxytocin – a hormone that provides relaxation. In leisure time or when alone, they might scratch their lower parts to relax themselves. In sleep, this action is unconscious (according to Frontiers in Psychology).
4/ To announce their manhood
Ever since the olden days, when fighting for territories, men displayed their power by pointing at their penises. Because whoever had more children – more wives, more sex – than the others would be superior (according to Rob Komiarek – Alpha Male Medical Institute). Therefore, nowadays, when men shake hands with other people but put the other hand into their pockets means that they are unconsciously or intentionally showing their superiority.
These things sound reasonable, what about you? Have you seen any case of this “putting hands into pants”? And how do you figure that it is what it is?
Source : Tinhte.vn
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