What You Should Know About the Life of a New Mom

When a baby is in a mother's womb there is high expectation, everyone is looking forward to the birth of a bundle of joy. But for the mother who has to go through labor pains or a C-Section, she can feel much more than exhausted for a long time after the baby is born. As she is the only one who has to deal with sore nipples, when she breast feeds, swollen breasts at times, an over sized waistline and other abnormalities.
It is much harder for mothers to deal with these changes when the father of the baby is not supportive, and there are no friends and relatives around who understands the way women feel after they give birth for the first time.
Mother's will even end up feeling as if they don't love their baby, when they start thinking of the many things they will not be able to do anymore, because of the baby who needs all the attention they can give and more. It is not easy to go from being a carefree individual, who is able to go anywhere and do anything they feel like doing, to one that has such a huge responsibility in a day. And when friends and relatives are not supportive a mother can end up feeling depressed. 
It is not easy to deal with a baby who cries for every want and need (as crying is the only way in which a baby communicates)  This is even harder to deal with in the first 6 weeks of the baby's life, as the mother has a lot of adjustment to make. She has to develop new sleeping patterns and there is hardly anything in this world that is more exhausting than taking care of a newborn when you feel as if you are in need of care also. When they cry and you try to do all you can to make them feel better, but they won't stop crying. Life can be very stressful and all a young mother will want to do is cry and feel sorry for herself.
Many mothers have felt depressed after they have given birth to a child, as they wonder if their bodies will ever look the way it looked before they got pregnant. They worry about their breasts and wonder how they will look after the end of breast feeding, they also worry about their waistline and what they will need to do to get back in shape. 
Dealing with Postpartum Psychosis syndrome can be another problem that women face after they have given birth and this should be treated by professionals, as some women have been known to harm their child during their illness. So relatives and friends should pay close attention to women who give birth. 
And it would be nice if there were people around to tell mothers with new born babies, that things will get better. And this baby that just eats and poops, will start talking and walking and say things that you will laugh about. They will make you forget about the sad times as they quickly develop and become independent. Soon they will even want to tell you what you should be doing, as they become special individuals and make you proud. 
Remember when you see the proud mothers who attend graduations and weddings, they all went through the things mothers go through for the first few weeks of a baby’s life, and they made it. So every mother can hang in there and make it through the rough days, until their baby grows up and make them proud.
Friends and relatives should always be supportive, so they can help mothers in these times. They should never say anything that will cause a mother to feel as if she will never make it through these tough times. And she is being a terrible mother, and they should also encourage the baby’s father to do all he can for his family, in these testing times. 
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