What men Should do to Avoid Abusive Relationship.

Typically women are the ones who are known to suffer domestic violence, but the truth is even men suffer the same more than expected. The difference between men and women abuse is that men often fear to come out and report this due to fear of the stigma in the society.
They also suffer the lack of attention from the authority as men are seen to be physically strong hence end up suffering in silence. Therefore it is advisable regardless of your gender age or ethnicity to ensure that you don’t allow to be abused.
What should you do as a man if you are in an abusive relationship?
• Acknowledge there is a problem. 
If your partner hit you two to three times, then this should ring a bell to you that your relationship has a problem. Therefore it is important that you acknowledge that indeed you have problems and seek help and advice on how to go about the issue at hand. Don’t allow things to get out of control for you to accept that your girlfriend is abusive instead seek help as early as possible.
• Leave if possible.
If you find that your girlfriend hits you all the time and there is no sigh of her changing, it is advisable that you leave the relationship. This shows that even when you get married this habit may continue and it might be too late when you want out of the relationship. Therefore, as early as possible leave the abusive relationship.
• Get help.
Another important option that you can go with is trying out therapy with your partner. Seek help from a relationship therapist and let your partner open up on the reasons as to why she hits you and from there you can ask for help on how to solve the causes. You can either go for the sessions together as a couple or let your girlfriend attend on her own. It will all depend on how the both of you agree upon.
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