What is the most annoying thing about smart people?

Smart people are known to have specific likes, principles and peculiar behaviors. Through the education systems in the nation, smart people are easy to note since they behave in a smart and intelligent manner and are known as people who consider keeping their time, words and secrets to themselves.
The most annoying thing about smart people is their intelligence in doing things and solving problems. Some situations in life as humans need to be dealt with using emotions not facts, most especially in schools.
A Smart person will have a guiding principle to run things hence hindering there social flexibility and function. They have a strict or rigid understanding of doing things. Thinking is key in helping one decide the next step. Intelligence or smartness is vital for thinking and you can be sure that what a smart people utter could be the best and right thing, however some basics in life call for off-the-book solutions.
Any given position a smart person holds becomes a footstep for others to follow in the future, and if a less smart person is intimidated by an inconsiderate decision of the smart they are often lost than enlightened. this happens often in schools.
Although majority smart people end up in high places like lecturers, IT wizards, researchers and inventors, most of the time they fail to balance their social life with their smart nature. This makes them the most annoying people to be with. However, they are a vital part to the community and their role is as significant as the less smart people, therefore they should be appreciated.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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