What happens if you stop using shampoo on your hair for a year?

When someone says they have not shampooed their hair for 1 year, the first thought that comes to mind is that they must be extremely dirty. However recently lot of women have given up shampoo and are finding alternative methods to cleanse their hair.
The reason so many people are turning away from shampoo is that they can contain many chemicals that are harmful and actually damage the hair and scalp.
The main ingredients of shampoos are called surfactants. The most common surfactant is a compound called sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS for short. This chemical is the chief cleansing agent and is what makes the product foam.
The problem is that it is a known irritant to the skin and eyes. A lot of companies have decided against using SLS but may use other chemicals that are just as harsh.
Natural methods to cleanse the scalp without using expensive or strong products are becoming more popular in the western world although they have been used around the world for centuries.
Apple cider vinegar is very effective at removing grease and other build up on the hair and scalp.
Various clays such as Bentonite and Rhassoul clay, which are found abundantly in regions of Africa and South America, are used as a gentle treatment to cleanse the hair. These mineral rich clays also provide many nutrients for the hair and scalp, which can promote hair growth.
There is also a growing trend of only using conditioner. For people with dry hair, shampoo can strip the hair and leave it feeling more brittle and dry. Therefore only using conditioner helps to add needed moisture but can cause more buildup in the long run.
If you decide not to use shampoo it is important to find an alternative method that uses products suited to your hair type.
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