What golden advice did you learn in your life?

Patience pays
In order to your have good life, you have to wait. It is overstated that Rome was never built in a day. I have taken time to share in the tribulations of those who achieved greater success in life. There would never have been Allan Edgar Poe or Poe Tales of Misery and Tribulations had he not waited.
Life is a gift and I must accept it as it is
No matter how hard I find to stomach some unbecoming, I have learnt that every day is a blessings. Furthermore, I am not here because of my making. And after all, it is reckoned we will rest for a good time.
Life is not always about money or materials possession
I was working very hard to wear other people masks. I have learnt that material possessions are not the answer to my problems. Happiness and good life encompasses very simple things. Most times I develop a sense of inner peace by doing what I love.
I must never give up
Before we give up there is always that hope. I have learnt that life is a sacrifice and I must strive to make ends meet. Regardless of the gravity of the matter, I should always hope against hope that there will be that one day when things might resurface.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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