What are the key traits of mentally strong people?

People are not all the same, some are mentally strong whereas others are mentally weak. Therefore, if you are not sure in what place you belong, then you are at the right place because this article will make you know where you belong
1. Don’t dwell on past mistakes
People who are risk takers are normally strong mentally as they had better fail than not try. Instead of wait for things to be perfect, they initiate actions and are not afraid of making mistakes.
These are the people who believe in forgetting about past mistakes, focusing on the present and enjoying the future
2. Believe in themselves
It takes so much for one to believe in himself. If you believe in yourself then you can achieve anything. Mentally strong people always believe in themselves even during hard times.
Although at times they may not know how to achieve something, they are always ready to give it their best to get the results.
3. Surround themselves with smarter people
Whoever said that life is a journey was right. This is because every day we learn something new. Mentally strong people will always be in company of brighter and smarter people, this is because they want to learn something new each day.
In order to succeed in life, the quality of the company you have plays a big role.
4. Sleep well
Mentally strong people ensure that they have enough sleep in order to make proper decisions and improve their immune system.
If you get enough sleep, then you are more likely to be more productive.
I recommend for everyone to read “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do”. After reading this book and watched video, I can honestly say that mentally strong people are a bunch of selfish, narcissistic jerks.
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