What are the best things to do to keep your brain sharp indeed ? Edit

Are you concerned about aging?

Perhaps you have had a few "senior moments" when you misplaced your glasses, keys, or forgot about an appointment. Occasional lapses in memory are common, especially as we age, however, there are ways to combat it by keeping our brain sharp and alert.

With that being said, here are quick and easy tips to enhance memory and brainpower.

1. Try Daily Meditation

In this busy society, we often get caught up in the "thereis no rest for the wicked" philosophy. Meaning, many people get roped into all work and no play.

This behavior, however, can prove to be very draining for your body, soul, and mind.

That is why it is so important to take a mental health break sometime during the day. Set aside 30 minutes or an hour to disconnect from technology and the rest of the world and just focus on you. The benefits of meditation are widely known and lauded. It is just a matter of making time for yourself throughout the day.

2. Stay Active

We all know how important it is to eat a healthy diet, but one of the most important ways to keep your brain sharp and alert is via staying active. Physical activity not only pumps more oxygen-rich blood to the brain, but that blood delivers nutrients, such as glucose, which helps fuel every cell in the brain.

Moreover, regular exercise strengthens the body and mind as a whole, as well as wards off illness and chronic disease.

3. Try Napping

Even cat naps of 10 minutes or less can be beneficial and improve your memory, according to recent studies. Therefore, do not be afraid to snooze during your lunch break or grab some sleep in the evening.

It will help your body recover and recharge while your mind will have time to build new neural pathways.

I highly recommend “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” by Dr. Amen is highly recommended for any health minded reader but specifically for those suffering from depression and anxiety

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