WD My Passport SSD Review
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My Passport SSD has unique features which will make you long to own one.These include the following:
Blazing-fast folder transfers with rates up to 515 megabytes
Password security with hardware cipher
USB kind-c and memory stick 3.1 Gen 2 ready; thumb drive 3.0, jump drive 2.0 and USB-A well-suited
Trusted ram made with WD dependability
Automatic aid
Simple to use
3-year restricted warranty
The current condition of storage
My (Passport SSD) is movable storage with gleaming-fast transfers. Code word security with hardware ciphering assists keeps your information secure. It’s simple to use, shock resistant, durable design, and compact storage in the cool.
Blazing fast
It is the quickest (My Passport drive) up to present with speeds up to 515 megabytes making use of the memory stick kind-C port to swiftly move information. Its pace offers significant execution to aid run essential machines on your laptop or desktop.
Hardware encryption
The hardware encryption helps store growing information on (My Passport SSD) to reduce restricted internal storage room. You could set the password to assist keep it secured with built-in 25bit AES Hardware Encryption with WD protection software.
Cutting-edge tech
Made for PC or Mac, the (My Passport SSD) is well-suited with memory stick kind-C as well as jump drive kind-A ports. Its jump drive kind-C set to influence rates up to 515 MB/s. too, memory stick 3.1 Gen 2 set, and USB 3.0, 2.0 as well as USB-A well-suited.
WD Reliability
Made to withstand the drop of up to 1.98 meters, it’s brought about from the floor up by Western Digital to be the standard drive, inside as well as out, to give a dependable performance.
Automatic backup
Involved WD backup application makes it simple to automatically back up powerful folders to your Dropbox or drives cloud service invoice. Place it and stop thinking about it? If it’s Well-suited with Apple Time Machine, it needs reformatting.
Simple to use
My (Passport SSD) movable storage is set to utilize out of the package. Whether you are saving huge media files or backing up job docs, simply cork it in as well as begin transferring immediately.
Technical specifications
USB 3.1 (USB 3.0/2.0 compatible)
Disk capacity
1TB 1024 gigabyte, 512 gigabyte, 256 gigabyte
Limited warranty
3 years
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