Try Fitness Trainer Moov Now: Different, quite useful

Moov Now is a virtual assistant, a personal trainer, (PT for gym purpose). You can buy Moov Now to get it guide you, buy 1 time to use a lifetime (or until the end of warranty). It will help you run better, swim better, play boxing better, besides it also guide you the lessons you do in the gyms or bodybuilding as well.

In a market place where you can bump into someone using the smart devices easily, such as counting steps, doing exercises, you can easily choose a satisfying device from a few hundred thousand dong or up to 40-50 million dong. The market is quite crowded now, the market shares spit into dozen of parts. Now you to enter the market, you must have something different, but only different is not likely enough to attract users, you must be both different but useful.

Let recall a little, in 2012, there was only Nike exclusive with the band: Nike Fuelband (I have a review here), its price was too expensive but only doing one thing - to count the steps, no exercise, no call notification, no sleep measuring, but their sales are very good! Phew!

Now it's different, to name a few notable fitness companies, Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone, Garmin, Nike, Adidas, Razor, Xiaomi, Jabra, Apple, Samsung, Asus, Motorola etc.

So what is this Moov different from the others? Many, the most basic different thing is: It does not display any information: D

Indeed, this thing does not show any information, it only has a status LED, all the information it collects will travel through the phone, when you practice, you attach the headphones, or use a wireless headset for it guide you – this is the second difference – it will show you how to practice, just like a real PT!

The box will have 2 bands (but only one Moov) when doing the hand-related exercises you wear them on your hands; when doing the exercises on the legs, you wear on the legs. In the box also has the tool help replace the battery every 6 months. Because this battery lasts 6 months, the CR 2032 battery is very familiar.

You may also find that Moov is a paradise for those who are afraid of holes (trypophobia), if you are afraid of holes then look at this and counting holes will help you relax all day :D

The silicone band is breathable, lightweight and very comfortable, which can be worn every day, but slightly weird, I only use it for running or cycling, not all day. The band is also quite easy to cling to dust.

I also note that the band is easy to drop, when wearing on the hands they are very firm, you can run freely, but when you remove it, the cap is easy to fall, but in general you just need to pay attention.

It looks like this when wearing on hands

And looks like this when wearing on legs 

After wearing Moov with you, the next step is to open the app on your phone, select exercises, and practice!

Support exercises: Jogging, walking, swimming, boxing, biking, gym. The introduction has swimming section, but when you swim, you can not carry the phone with you: D this device can not give direct support but after the training you can review the parameters, where to improve, how are you arm span, how is your strength using and so on.

The exercises are just detailed as the exercises on land.

For example, if you run, when you activate, you will choose the level you want to practice, whether you are a newbie runner or a pro, I think you all can get benefits from this.

For example, if you are a pro runner, you choose level 7, you can have exercises from interval to long run, in each exercise, the machine will take notes and prompts, if you land too strong it prompts, if you steps are too slow it prompts, in general it will remind you if you do not practice well, and not only that, it is encouraging, for example it says keep trying, only 4 minutes to reach the destination. 

The voice is a machine voice (as text-to-speech engine), not a human voice, and is now spoken in English. Personally, I find it is easy to hear, mostly about the proper instruction

During the run it also prompts the technique, for example, it prompts to land on the ground just below the body to avoid injury and some other prompts. If you are new, you may like to listen to it much, when you get used to it, you can reduce the intensity of its speech. Moov itself has sensors and will also keeps track of your training.

Well despite its speech, you still can listen to music, when it says it pauses music, when it finishes the music continues to play, because workout without music is very boring.

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In addition, riding lessons, in-house physical exercises, etc all have specific information and guidance. My feeling is that the information is enough, not talk too much that make you distracts when practicing/playing sports.

The thing that I like when using this to run is it is able to select specific exercises with clear goals with so many different levels, and the exercise of "improving your running skills" is really effective. The results with my type of running, practice information is easy to hear, obviously has good reviews.

But perhaps because of focusing on instruction that Moov is a little bit weak in tracking daily activities, this part of the story to tell the true is bad not weak, meaning that if you take it to count steps, you lost, because it does not show any information, and open the phone to see, the saved information is also very basic.

One other weak point of Moov is that you have to always carry your phone with you to listen to the guide. Moov will also use your phone's GPS to calculate speed, when you're on the road. I am ok with carrying my phone. But if you are the kind of person who likes to run without being entangled, you will probably find it very annoying.

But those weaknesses are just nothing compared to the advantages, you will exercise more efficiently, run faster, spend less energy, ride smarter, practice push-ups, pull-ups, crunches better!


Detailed and devoted instruction, exercises for running and biking, lots of useful information, gym exercises, video tutorials, batteries last a long time, also has boxing guide (should buy one more to wear on 2 hands when you practice boxing). 

Long battery life, comfortable band, many colors to choose, the price 1.89 million dong is ok compared to what it brings


Voice guidance are too robots, must bring the phone when you need to practice

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