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Finding a positive book review of Truly, Madly, Guilty is easy. The book's content is less emotional than a lot of people might infer based on the title, which might be a relief to some people. Many people prefer books that are light and comedic to books that are heavy and dramatic, especially if the heavy and dramatic books fall into the same genre as Truly, Madly, Guilty.
This is a book that is much more balanced in terms of its emotional tones. The book has plenty of unexplained elements, but it is not a part of the thriller genre, which is also something that a lot of people will prefer, despite the popularity of the thriller genre.
Any book review should mention the pacing of the book, and this is a book that is fairly solid in terms of its pacing. Of course, people who don't have a lot of patience for long books might still have issues with it. Anyone who likes a book that has more of a slow and effective progression will appreciate this work and write a positive book review.
This is a book that focuses on married couples and a lot of the unique issues that they can have, based on their situations.Truly, Madly, Guilty also manages to demonstrate the fact that almost everything can change right away in people's lives, since the book is more or less built around a single dramatic event that happens to a bunch of people.
Many people will find the different couples in the story easy to relate to in some way. The characters are well-defined enough that people will find it easy to identify with many of them, in fact. This will tend to make readingTruly, Madly, Guilty a good experience, even though some people might find it long.
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