Top Treks in Thailand

It is almost impossible to visit Thailand and not to go trekking to some of the numerous locations throughout the whole country. In recent years, trekking has become very popular not only in Thailand but also in many other countries worldwide. The activities of hiking and walking, while at the same time visiting rural and undeveloped areas attract thousands of tourists every year.

However, trekking in Thailand is indeed a memorable experience. About four decades ago, most people who came to Thailand usually visited Chiang Mai that used to be the only attraction. But today,  the tourists who visit Thailand are aware of the fact that the country has many other astonishing places worth visiting. Here are a few suggestions you can take into consideration:

Umphang – The Most Isolated City in Thailand

Even though the city of Umphang can be found on the top of the mountain road, some 165 km away, it was only popular with the domestic tourists for many years. Foreigners either didn't dare to go trekking there, or nobody has told them about this Thai gem. Umphang is quite different from other trek spots in that one needs to be healthy, fit and in shape in order to go trekking in this area.

Perhaps for that reason, Western tourists rather decide to visit some other, less complicated trek spots. In comparison to other cities, Umphang is surrounded by only one tribe - Karen. And in case you choose to trek in Umphang, you will have the opportunity to take three-day/two-nights program during which you can experience various activities, including rafting, visiting Karen village as well as sleeping in it, and elephant riding. It seems like a lot of fun, doesn't it? 

Nan – The Beautiful Landscapes Are Inevitable 

Thailand is rich in beautiful nature, but the Nan region is the best place for all wilderness lovers. There are six national parks in the area, completely covered by forests and rivers which are perfect for rafting adventures. And if you are not scared of getting a bit wet, then you should pick the rainy season when the rivers start to rage and show all of their power. People from Thailand regularly go to these events, but there are still not many tourists from the West.

Hence, Nan seems to be a kind of untouched pearl. It should not be an issue to reach the region or any of its parts from the capital city of the province. But, you can also find a beautiful accommodation in the villages near the national parks. 

Mae Salong – A Different Type of Trekking

The Thai town of Mae Salong is entirely different trekking spot, and such a fact can be seen from the beginning. Namely, it was the destination of KMT nationalists who escaped from China, and everyone who visits the city can recognise the Chinese features in it. One such feature involves excellent and tasty tea. Mae Salong's special offer is pony trekking, and the tours on ponies go to the Yao villages.

Other villages such as Akha, Shan, and Hmong involve a traditional type of trekking since the pony ride can be a bit dangerous. If you are a trekking enthusiast, then Mae Salong will come as a refreshment and enjoyment. Don't miss your chance to visit this Thai city.
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