Top 9 relationship problems that cause disputes

Cohabitation is not an easy task and often requires many compromises

We will discover the main reasons for disputes in a couple, and how it is possible to manage these passing storms

1. Lack of Confidence

The trust within a couple is the only thing can keep a peaceful relationship. A lack of confidence inevitably causes conflicts. So we should forget the idea to spy on smartphone or computer spouse and trust him once and for all.

2. Jealousy

If jealousy appears and you allow it to stir some passions, it will prove to the other that we are interested in him / her, do not let this jealousy becomes daily and every 3 minutes delay is the excuse of a new argument based on "Where were you ALL that time? !! "

3. Inconsistency in love

During the first months of your relationship, everything seems to go smoothly; finally the differences are quickly reached. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to this problem, unless you accept to live with someone who has a different view of love and life and keep you love remain unchanged.

4. Sex

Sex is an essential and indispensable ingredient in a happy couple. To some couples, the frequency of having sex reduces as time passes by. Less sex, sex too plane-plane ... To prolong the flame, it is important to reinvent itself, even in bed. So we might take the three volumes of "50 Shades of Grey" and seek inspiration.

5. Money


Without doubt, money is one of the most common topics of arguments within couples; money can quickly become a recurring and central issue. Fortunately, simple solutions can address this issue such as sharing the costs equally, taking into account the income of each.

6. Different priorities

Everyone changes with time and changes in their desires for the future. Unfortunately, it is difficult for two people to move at the same pace and want the same things at the same time. If different priorities can quickly weigh on the morale of a couple, a good little chat makes it easy to put things flat and start on the right foot, while making compromises.

7. Time

As the years pass, the less you see the time passing. It's simple, we wish good year even it is already in July to seek future swimsuit. Things are similar in a couple, but it is essential to take time for each other, just not to get away. So we ask ourselves a few minutes, and take the time to live simply.

8. Too much independence

The twenty-first century, it is important to be an independent person even in a relationship; each has their own interests and passions. The fact remains that share nothing with “the one” is not a good idea. Therefore, at least taking one activity or passion in common or having something to tell and experience things together, other than cleaning and shopping.

9. Lack of love

As sex becomes plane-plane with the weight of years, evidence of love is often rare in couples who are already settled. Big mistake. Love leads you to cohabitation, to marriage, to beyond others’ objection… therefore if you lose it; you lose your relationship as well.

Now that the main causes of dispute are identified, it remains only to work on in order to prevent and take full advantage of all the benefits of married life.

Nguyen Kinh Luan
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