Top 5 food must try in Bangkok !

Bangkok is one of the world’s greatest - and most affordable - cities for food lovers. You can find local restaurants serving street food in almost everywhere you visit and on nearly every street corner. There are plenty of Thai recipes that you may want to try. Thailand also has many different recipes within the different parts of the country too. If you have never experienced Thai food before, I would like to recommend 5 Thai recipes that are a must have in Bangkok.
1. Thai Noodle soup
Thai people love to eat rice in every meal, but when given the choice, most Thais would love to eat a bowl of noodles. Thai noodle soups span a huge variety of dishes such as boat noodle, Khao Soi, Yentafo, Tomyum noodle, etc. There’s a noodle for everyone. You can also choose your bowl of noodles to be served with beef or pork and you can select type of noodle that you prefer to eat such as rice noodle, wheat-and-egg noodles, etc. After receiving your noodle soup, you can freely add some chilli, fish sauce, sugar and some lime in your bowl. 
2. Som Tum (Papaya salad)
If you don’t try Som Tum in Thailand, it means that you haven’t arrived in the country yet! Som Tum (Papaya salad) is on the top of the list of Thai recipes that you definitely have to try. It is originally from the northeast in Thailand but you can find it everywhere no matter you are traveling in the south of Thailand. It is eaten any time of the day. 
There are numerous variations but the essentials remain the same, as do the principles of preparing the dish. The main ingredients of Som Tum are green papaya, garlic, chillies and all fresh vegetable. 
3. Pad Thai
“Whenever we try Thai food, we try Pad Thai first. It’s because that is a way to judge how good a restaurant is”, chef and Thailand native Nick Srisawat said. I totally agree with the chef!
Pad Thai is the signature dish of Thai cuisine. It is a rice noodle dish with a salty, sweet, sour, and slightly spicy flavor profile, typically served with shrimp, but can also be served with pork or chicken as well. It is also topped with crushed peanuts.
4. Gai Pad Med Ma Muang (Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts)
It is also one of the most popular dishes in Thailand, even though it is originally from China. There were many Chinese immigrants living and selling food in Thailand in the past so they shared their cultures, living and food. That is why Thais also love to eat this recipe. It looks like it’s spicy, but it isn’t. The moist chicken meets the warm crunch of freshly toasted cashew nuts. Overall is sweet and very good!
5. Yum Tua Poo (Spicy winged bean salad)
You can find Pad Thai, Som Tum, Thai noodle soups in the restaurants in your country, but not Yum Tua Poo! You definitely have to try it because it’s the heavenly salad for Thai people. It’s got a coconut milk base, but gets tang from lime juice and tamarind paste, sweetness from sugar, saltiness from fish sauce. 
Thank you for taking a look at these 5 food must try in Bangkok. I hope it gives you some ideas of what Thai people love to eat and helps you experience them all. Thai dishes can be ordered with chicken or pork or only vegetable for vegetarians. Go out with your empty stomach and a passion for food!
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