Tips for longer laptop battery life

The battery of a laptop is often a weak component. The lifetime of a battery in comparison to a laptop itself is very short. However, there are some tips and tricks to increase the battery life. In this article, you will find out what you can do to extend your laptop battery life.
Types of Laptop Batteries
There are different kinds of batteries for laptops. Today, most laptops come with a battery. The laptop battery is commonly known as the lithium-ion battery. It is recommended that at the first use of a lithium-ion battery, the battery is completely empty before recharging. As soon as you start charging the battery for the first time, it is also recommended to charge it to 100%.
Tips for longer life:
When you charge the battery, charge it fully to 100%.
Do not start charging the battery when it is between 2% and 10% energy.
When working on AC power, disconnect the battery from your laptop as soon as it is 100% charged.
Try as much as possible to operate on AC power and thereby remove the battery from your laptop.
Not good for the battery:
The following points will shorten the life of your battery properly, so it is not advisable to do so:
Charging the battery half, so when the battery is charged for 70% pull the power cord.
Recharges the battery not just when it reaches 10%.
The laptop connected to AC power with the battery in the laptop while it is already fully charged is not conducive to the life of the battery.
When it is not needed, do not use the laptop when the battery is charging.
Pull the battery out of your laptop when it is low, charge the battery first before you remove it from the laptop. Namely, the battery runs empty very slowly when it is out of the laptop, and it's not okay when the battery goes completely blank so make sure your battery never actually reach the 0% power.
Replacement of the battery
If the laptop battery does not function properly, it is always possible to buy a new one. It remains simply possible to work on AC power with your laptop.
When buying a new battery for the laptop, always ensure you purchase the right type of battery for your laptop. It is not good for a laptop when you put a battery with a different voltage in it. The voltage of a battery is displayed with a number of digits and the letter V (e.g., 14,8V). 
Tips: Using laptop longer with full battery
Besides the proper treatment of your batteries, there are some skills so you can work longer on a fully charged battery. Below are shown these tips.
Set the brightness of your screen (you can often do with your function (Fn) key in combination with another (arrows) button).
Use the mode "Power Saving". You can configure laptops on the state of energy conservation, for example, click the battery icon in the bottom right of your screen. At 'Options' you will probably find ways to put your laptop on energy conservation.
Turn off unused facilities, programs, and Wi-Fi when you're not using it.
Turn the sound on from the speakers.
Get a spare battery
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