Three importances of letting yourself Express Emotions.

Is it okay to cry or let your emotions out?
From the time we are young, we face different events of life with some leading us to an emotional state that may even prompt us to burst into tears. But we find being told not to cry as everything will be okay or even there is nothing to cry about. 
Therefore we grow knowing that any emotion that can lead to such a state should be avoided at any cost. We end up locking in all those emotions inside us where we suffer in secret. Some people sort other ways of relieving the pain through indulging in alcohol, food where they end up eating unhealthy food, compulsive sex, and even drugs.
These people don’t indulge in these behaviors or substances because they want to, but they feel that it is their only way out from the pain they are feeling. Well instead of sorting evil ways to relieve your pain, it is advisable to allow yourself be vulnerable and let yourself cry out your pain and believe me you will feel way much better. Letting your emotions out does not make you a weakling, in fact, it is healthy.
Let’s look at three importance of letting your emotions out.
1. When you close in your sadness, you also block your happiness.
You can never pretend you are okay when you are not. By indulging in bad behavior will not help you heal or feel better instead you end up feeling sadder, lonely and you may endanger yourself as well. Therefore by allowing yourself, experience emotions is a therapy, and among the processes that you have to undertake so, you can heal from the situation you are in. So if crying makes you feel better to cry your heart out let all that negative energy out and believe me you will feel much better later.
2. Hiding your emotions leads to more pain and suffering.
Ignoring and fighting your feelings leads to more pain and suffering. Instead, seek help from a therapist so he can advise you on what to do. Do you have a dream career that you have been thinking of pursuing? This is the time to start pursuing it. All you need right now is positive energy around you, therefore, put your entire mind and effort in achieving your dreams that you have always had. If your dream is to be poetry, write poems about the issue at hand, and this will help you a lot.
3. Experiencing emotions is part of life.
It is important for you to understand that you cannot have a quiet life all through. You will face different challenges on your life journey, but by accepting this, you will leave a good life. Also, this will help you be able to handle the emotions ones you are faced with them and be able to move on well. Life will not be smooth throughout, and that is part of living.
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