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Make peace with the past – do not let it ruin the present.
Within each and every one of us, we all have our own past. Alongside the beautiful past, the memories of childhood, or the time we achieved success, to me, the past was a rough and miserable childhood, it was fear, and mistakes that I could never mend.
I used to be haunted by the past and it really affected life in the present. Until one day I came to terms that I had to make peace with it in order to set the path for my own future.
The past is different from the future because the present is in the middle of them. The present is the only thing that we can manipulate, that we can alter. Let there be one time that we allow ourselves to look back at that awful past, pick up some lessons of experience and then let it sleep, so that we can confidently move on in the present and head toward a better future.
Do not think too much about how others think of you
I used to have a crippling fear of prejudice. I was afraid of being judged by other people in one way or another and I had to keep exhausting myself in every way to prevent myself from hearing those words.
In other words, I was living how others wanted me to
Until I realized that I could not please everyone, I couldn’t keep track or control everything people thought about me. The only thing that I could control was how I thought of myself, of the values of life that I wanted to achieve.
I thought about beautiful things that I could do for myself, for the people I truly loved, for the people who always understood, trusted, and backed me up.
I didn’t let any of my dreams and goals be dependent on anyone. They must start from my own desires and passions. Only I could figure out what was best for me. It was simple, try your best, and you will be happy.
Time is a magical remedy that heals almost every wound
I used to suffer lots of bad memories. Some of them flashed by, but some lasted until now and I think it would take me a lifetime to forget about them. However, I always believe that time heals all wounds, and therefore not thinking about it too much to trap my present life into a bog. I learned these advices:
Use your time to read. It’s the foundation to wisdom.
Use your time to be aware. It’s the chance to help others.
Use your time to love and be loved. It’s God’s greatest gift.
Use your time to laugh out loud. It’s music to the soul.
Use your time to dream. It’s what the future will make.
Do not compare your life to others’.
I never compare my life to other people’s lives too much. At the very best, I would look into successful people’s lives to motivate myself. I always understand that each of us was born special, with unique values.
I once saw a 10-year-old girl named “Jesse Jane McParland”. She was very talented in karate, you could look her up on Google. She convinced her parents when they asked and wished you to study Ballet and Irish Dancing. She said “Mummy, not every girl dreams of being a little princess”
“You were born an original. 
Don't die a copy.” ― John Mason
Always try to smile
The final but most time-consuming thing, especially when you are stressed out. When you smile, the world smiles back upon you. Therefore, always smile. You will be surprised to learn how much and how easily a smile benefits you.
The following are the 4 books I once read during the most difficult time of my life, they helped my overcome my pain that made me no longer dreamy and became a realist. These books proved to me that life was much more beautiful than I thought it was.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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