The Well-being of Singaporeans: Values, Lifestyles, Satisfaction and Quality of Life
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This book is part of the authors' continuing research on quality of life issues in Singapore. It builds on past research into the values and lifestyles of Singaporeans and focuses on their well-being. In addition, the findings of the 2006 Asia Barometer Survey (for Singaporean respondents) are presented; revealing comprehensive insights into their values, lifestyles, priorities in life, worries, life satisfaction, quality of life, etc. Selective comparisons are also made with the other East Asian countries covered in the same survey, namely, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.


  • Introduction and Research Methodology
  • Standard of Living and Satisfaction with Life Domains
  • Priorities in Life, Top Worries and Views on Government Spending
  • Happiness, Enjoyment, Achievement and Overall Quality of Life
  • Value Orientations and Lifestyles
  • National Identity
  • Democracy and Political Rights
  • Determinants of Wellbeing
  • Conclusion and Implications
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