The Ultimate Parenting Test: Keeping Your Baby from Crying on Airplanes

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that fly on airplanes with children and those that fly on airplanes without children. For those without children, you’ll find some that are sympathetic while others seem to throw a bigger fit than your overly demanding toddler. Nevertheless, no matter what kind of people you encounter on your travels, it’s important to try to keep your baby from crying on airplanes to the best of your ability.
Here are some tips that may help you on your next flight.
Help your baby with her ears
Small babies have no idea how to take care of that ear popping problem as the aircraft takes off or lands. Plus, they can’t chew gum. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding during takeoff and landing will help a lot. So will a pacifier. Getting your baby to suck on something during these times will help her pop her ears and keep her comfortable, which will keep her from crying. 
Bring your carrier
Babies love to be held so don’t leave that carrier at home. Being close to you will be most comforting in this strange new environment and can help you lull her to sleep. 
Make use of distractions
Babies, particularly the older they get, can get bored by air travel. Head this off at the pass by making sure you have plenty of board books, toys, and other entertaining items. You can also show them what’s outside the window. Since babies have shorter attention spans than adults, it can be easy to distract them, however be prepared to distract them multiple times in multiple ways. 
Work together
Make use of the other people you’re traveling with, if possible, such as your spouse or perhaps another family member. Especially if the flight is long, it helps to take shifts. Work together when the baby cries to keep her calm and try to reduce the annoyance to other passengers. 
Pay no mind to the grumps
Most people you’ll encounter while traveling on airplanes will be sympathetic to your crying baby. That’s because most people are aware that babies will cry on planes despite the best efforts of the parents. But there are always a few rude people out there. Don’t focus on them. Instead, stay focused on your baby. Exude an air of calm even in the thick of the chaos and your baby will soon pick up your feelings of calmness too. 
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