The Things I Wish I Could Travel Back in Time and Tell Myself

Dear 10 year old,
I'm from the future, and I'd like to let you know that everything will be okay. This is what I want you to believe and have faith in. I'm telling this to let you know that your thoughts are more powerful than you think. What you think of within your heart is what you are and this will also reflect in your real life and existence. Say positive things to your self, attract every good things to your self and believe that everything is possible.
Make your life what you need it to be. You can do anything practically that needed to be done. Learn almost everything, keep writing everyday, get engaged in sport activities. The cost is focus and time. Try not to reject weird things. There are a million fun drawing in things in this world. Give things a genuine shot under the watchful eye before judging them. 
Never, ever be somebody you are not on account of you thinking it will interest others. Invest your energy with individuals you like and regard and who like and regard you. 
You don't need to be extreme, rough or a major partier to have companions and be acknowledged and regarded. You don't need to hide your identity or whatever other part of what makes you, you. Come clean and dependably. Reality and truth sets you free. Truth gives you personality and will also earn you respect.
The questions you continue asking are not enough. You have to ask more. It doesn't matter that it is a form of constant disturbancee for your parents, they act bothered however secretly they are happy that you are interested about the world and need to find out about it. Try not to relent when you feel your questions have not been answered. Try not to be anxious about the possibility that that the adults will rebuke you for asking an excessive number of questions. Try not to fear anything. It is fine to make inquiries. Indeed, when you grow up, you'll see that there are websites committed for individuals like us. The entire world will be interested in answering every of your questions. So continue posing those questions regardless of how senseless they appear. 
Concentrate on your qualities, not your shortcomings. The vast majority improved by concentrating on their shortcomings. Individuals who concentrate on their issues can in the end enhance them to a point where they are no longer obstacles, however doing as such won't drive them to success. A superior system is to concentrate on maybe a couple of the things at which you exceed expectations and sharpen those aptitudes or abilities to the point of incredibleness. Taking a shot at your flaws might help you make a living, yet sharpening your gifts may help you change the world. 
School is not the same as training and education. Memorising facts does not mean you comprehend a subject. Focus on your interest on how things function, in every subjects. Don't give your interests a chance to die. support it and ensure it, the ability to always realize and learn are the thing that will keep you on top of things for whatever is left of your life and open ways to endless open doors 
I know you are a thinker and aren't enthusiastic about talking, particularly to new individuals. I pray that you will begin to start sharing with individuals how you feel or simply start writing your thoughts and considerations on paper. Additionally, it is good to smile always. Such an extensive part of you tells the world to stay away from you when I know you need the inverse. You are just terrified of the agony of losing someone you love once more. 
I just had an opportunity to meet the genuine you underneath the greater part of the pain; the delicate, faithful, mindful, merciful Lady/man that you covered at 10 years of age. I should state that everybody cherishes you and acknowledge that they need you just as mush as you need them. 
I should concede that writing this to you has recuperated a bit of me. I trust you never feel alone again because I'm forever with you.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
I love to travel and have taken time to experience life in many countries. I made this website to share useful information with the community. If you have the same hobby, please connect with me. I wish you success! Best regards!
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