The Importance of telling Children about Adulthood and Responsibility

Growing up can be a technical experience for children; they have so many lessons to learn about life as they make decisions every day. Without good parental guidance children will simply do what they see their friends doing, or they will be guided by the actors they see on the television. 
Eventually children quickly grow up to become teenagers who get in trouble because of peer pressure, and if they are always making bad decisions throughout their lives, things won’t get any better for them if parents neglect them. 
The bad decisions teenagers make are mainly about the way they treat their school work and the friends they choose. However parents can set good examples for their children, as they try to guide them along the right path in life. 
Parents will not have friends who are irresponsible and drink too much alcohol or take drugs; or friends who talk about sleeping around when the children are nearby; as they know that this can have an impact on the behavior of the children. However children who see their parents and their parent's friends going to work every day or doing business as they pay their bills on time and provide for them, will grow up to become responsible adults.
It is normal for children to act irresponsibly sometimes, they might not want to do chores as they think it is good to play games and watch the television all day long, whenever they are not in school. This is the reason for parents and other adults to tell children all about the things responsible adults do, to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. 
Whenever children are not told, about the things they will need to do when they become adults, they take their parents for granted. They believe they can waste their time during classes and waste the allowance their parents give to them also. Eventually they grow up and become a burden to their parents.
However, children who do their chores at home; grow up with a knowledge of what it takes to keep a home clean and comfortable and when they grow up and have their own home it is easy for them to manage their responsibilities. Added to that, teenagers who are allowed to do Summer jobs are able to manage money in a better way when they grow up. 
Spending the money they earn is different from spending the one they get from their parents. It is also good for teenagers to get work experience before they leave school, as this helps them to get jobs more easily as employers are always more interested in workers who have previous experience.
Whenever children grow up and have no knowledge of how technical it can be to manage a home, they are not able to see how important it is to be mature and financially ready, before they start a family. This causes them to casually take up serious responsibilities without thinking about the consequences of their action. 
This leads to poverty, regret and frustration, and all this can be avoided when they are told about adulthood in stages as they move closer to their teenage years.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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