The Importance of teaching Our Children more about Love

Children can become very confused about love when their parents don't spend time talking to them about the topic; and they see relationships falling apart and people having disagreements. It is not good for parents to tell children that they love them, but they don't spend quality time with them, as they are always busy doing everything else apart from the things that are important to the child or children. 
It is easy for children to get involved with the wrong friends and start doing destructive things, when they feel neglected at home. They will say their friends are willing to listen to them when they talk about their problems, but their parents don't have the time. Even though their problems might not seem as if they are very serious when they are compared to the problems adults have. 
Parents should not disregard their problems; as this will cause children to believe they are not loved at home, and they will stop sharing their problems with parents and start taking advice from friends who don't know much about anything. This leads to big problems in the lives of many children or teenagers.
However children will learn how to be patient and kind when parents listen to them and try to help them, whenever they speak about their problems. They will learn to trust their parents more than they trust their friends and as their problems become more serious as they get older, it will be easy for them to communicate with their parents and find solutions before things get out of control. 
It is never good for parents to push the problems children have aside as this will cause them to start finding solutions with friends; and this makes it easy for them to be misled. This is not something that parents want to happen, as misled teenagers can become addicted to drugs and other substances and this can ruin their whole lives. 
A misled teenage girl will believe she has found love in the arms of a young man who only wants to use her; because she was not told that she can easily get pregnant or she could get a disease and she doesn’t know that he would be patient and wait until she is educated and able to have a job, before she starts a family. 
Maybe if she was told that there is nothing kind about someone putting a teenage girl in a bad situation; so she has to drop out of school and become a burden to her parents. She would not want to get in bed with any young man who doesn’t want to wait to have sex.
Whenever children are respected in their homes, they will know when they are being disrespected when they are away from home, and they will not tolerate the disrespect. This will cause them to walk away from bad relationships before they become too toxic. 
Children who know all they need to know about love will not be easily tricked by adults who want to abuse them. They will also be in a position to have better relationships with friends and loved ones.  
The benefits are endless as great relationships are the best assets we have in life. As parents will not always be with their children at all times, and the relationships they have outside the home are very important, as they will help to shape their future. A child who doesn’t know about love will make more mistakes in life, than the one who knows what they need to know about love.
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