The danger to children from your home's dressers and how to avoid it

“If you have a dresser in your household, anchor it to the wall!”. That was the message from the interior brand IKEA after 6 children died from being pressed down by their appliances, forcing them to recall more than 29 million sold products. Moreover, there are thousands of cases of deceased children due to dressers or counters or heavy objects on the shelves falling onto them. The danger from these appliances exists in almost every home, posing an unspeakable threat to both children and adults.
The situation began in the United States in 2014 with the deaths of two children who were barely 2 years old by a 6-drawer wooden dresser from IKEA falling on their bodies. The cause to this was that the children, during their unsupervised play time, climbed onto an opened drawer, leaning the dresser and causing it to fall away from the wall. The number of deaths from IKEA products rose to 6, forcing the American Safety Committee to issue an order for IKEA to recall the entirety of their 29 million products drawer dresser in their Malm product line.
Additionally, IKEA organized a free program supply dresser anchoring tools to their customers for a dresser that are taller than 0,6 meters for children and 0,75 meters for adults. And not only IKEA but other franchises also supply their own anchoring toolkits to prevent similar incidents to ever occur. However, for whatever reasons, customers may neglect to anchor their dressers to the wall or using other safety procedures to prevent dresser-related accidents. Here are some tips to keep in mind regarding the recent accidents.
Avoid letting children play near dressers
A common similarity from all the accidents related to IKEA’s dressers is that they happened to very young children from 2 years old to 23 months old. The reason for this could be that during their play time, the children climbed onto the dressers, thus getting squeezed by them. On the other hand, these interior appliances, which might seem harmless toward adults, pose potential dangers toward children since they are not strong enough to withstand the weights of these heavy objects, etc. Therefore, it is best to let children play far away from the locations of the dressers.
Anchor the dressers to the wall
This is virtually the simplest but most effective way in preventing accidents related to falling dressers. This type of accident not only can happen to a household with children but also to adults as well. There are many ways to anchor a dresser to the wall, you can purchase a set of specialized nails sold on the market or do it yourself with other simple tools.
Do not place toys, TV, remote controls, junk food, etc. on dressers that are beyond the reach of children
These objects are very tempting to children, they might climb onto the dressers to reach them, placing the odd of them causing an accident even higher. It is best not to place toys, candies, cakes, etc. too far from children’s reach. 
Furthermore, some people tend to place heavy objects such as flower vases, clocks, or even TVs on top of dressers. This is a dangerous habit because while the children are playing, there is still a chance that these might fall off into them. It is best to find a more suitable placement, anchoring the TV to the wall or up on a very stable and low position.
Do not put too many things into the dressers
Many people have a habit to utilize their dresser space to their utmost efficiency regardless of the maximum weight it can carry. This not only increases the risk of falling accident but also may make objects fall out of the drawers when opening and closing them, endangering both children and adults. On the other hand, for dressers with multiple drawers, we should put the heaviest objects in the lowest drawer and the lighter objects on the top, preventing somewhat the risk of the dresser falling.
Above are just some ways to help make the dresser in your home much safer instead of a lethal household appliance. If you know any other ways, comment below so that others will know, too. Have fun!
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