The Biggest Fear a Teenager Has

A teenager’s greatest fear becomes their reality whenever they lose all their friends. This happens sometimes even after they have tried very hard to fit in, by wearing the trendy clothes, disobeying their parents, going to all the parties, movies etc. and having all the cool gadgets. Teenagers will reject each other for strange reasons. And rejected teens can be targeted by bullies or other teenagers who enjoy harassing them just for the fun of it, when they are all by themselves. 
They believe they will have no one to talk to about their school work, and this could lead to lower grades or failure. They fear a reduction in the amount of likes and re-tweets etc. they will get on social media. Having no one to talk to when they are at the mall and other places can also be seen as a big problem, they also fear telling their parents about their personal problems, so losing friends is seen as a very big deal for them. They also fear what they will do after they leave high school if they have no friends with whom they can share ideas. Then this process seems to be even harder for them. There is also a fear of being depressed as they know that depression can lead to suicide and this happens when teenagers have been rejected by their friends. 
In order to avoid rejection teenagers will do strange things to please their friends, as they want to be in a popular group so they can be seen as someone who will be very successful in everything they do, when they are in these groups. They will steal so they can buy the cool things and go to all the places their friends go. 
Teenagers have told their parents many lies, whenever they want to do the things their friends are doing and they know their parents will not approve. However   they always regret doing this after a while. Some teenagers sleep around, when they want to be like their friends and this leads to unwanted pregnancies or they become infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Some teenagers will drink alcoholic drinks or take drugs and get into trouble when they get caught sometimes, when they steal and find themselves in jail also. The fear of losing friends has led to the most problems in the life of teens.
Parents should do all they can to help teenagers to get over this fear, by telling them that it is better to have real friends who care about their well-being, than having friends that cause them to get in trouble. They should be encouraged to choose friends who can help them to make great plans for their future, who will support them when they do good things and discourage them whenever they even talk about doing things that they will regret in the future. It is good when teenagers are told about all the qualities they should look for whenever they are choosing friends. Telling them that some friends will leave and some will stay, as that is what happens as life goes on, is a good thing to do. 
They should also be told how important it is for them to be their own best friend. Telling teenagers these things can help to prepare them to face the difficult circumstances that they might face in their lives in the future. Helping them to understand that friends are important and it is even more important to choose genuine friends. It is important for adults to help teenagers to overcome this fear as quickly as possible.
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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