The Anker PowerCore 26800 Packs A Big Punch With A Lot Of Power
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Most external battery packs are capable of charging your phone two or three times and your tablet once, but usually that’s about it. There is one portable charger that rises above them all with its sheer charging power: the Anker PowerCore 26800.
The number after the name isn’t a model number or just part of the name, it’s 26800mAh of power. That’s many times more than the average power of most external chargers on the market today. To give you an idea of how much more power this pack has, it can charge your average smart phone more than seven times, and a tablet two or three times.
But the real advantage is that you can charge multiple devices at once with this power pack. It features three USB output ports. And instead of just charging all three devices equally, this battery pack uses smart charging technology. This means it communicates with your device so that it doesn’t overcharge or ruin the battery. So if you have three different devices charging, then it will charge each of them based on their specific charging needs.
However, one issue to watch out for is that your device may get hot while charging. This doesn’t happen with all phones and tablets, but it is a possibility and something to be aware of.
Another great feature of the PowerCore 265800 is that it has two USB charging inputs and comes with two USB cables. This means that you can plug in two USB cables into it to charge the battery pack faster. From start to finish, it can be fully charged in about 8 hours, which is really good considering this battery is such a beast.
With all that in mind, the real question becomes: who is this for? If you’re an office worker or spend a lot of time at home, the Anker PowerCore 26800 might be a little excessive. 
This battery pack is really for people on the go, like college students, those who travel, and anyone else who doesn’t have easy/regular access to a power outlet.
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