The 199 USD electric toothbrush with rubber brush

Foreo – a Sweden manufacturer – is famous for cleaning products or eyes treatment products. Issa belongs to its toothbrush product line using sonic waves to clean teeth, like SonicCare of Philips. However, Issa uses rubber brush and some different characteristics compared with the other ones.
At the first sight, no one thinks Issa is a toothbrush because it’s shorter than traditional electric ones like Philips and Oral – B. Because of strange design, Foreo divides Issa into 2 versions: the black ones for men, and the blue and pink ones for the others.
The vibration on the top of the brush will remove all dental plate on the teeth when people use it normally. It is entirely different from physical rotary motion of other toothbrushes such as Oral – B.
However, by using rubber brush, Issa brings users the real feeling of brushing teeth.It will take some time to get used to using Issa. I am using both Oral – B 7000 and Philips SonicCare FlexCare+, and I prefer the former.  SonicCare FlexCare+ and Issa make me feel not clean as Oral – B, might be because of rubber brush.Issa is the slightest toothbrush.
While Oral – B 7000 can make your gums bleed, Issa clean your gums so gently. Therefore, it is suitable with people who have sensitive gums. You can also adjust Issa in 8 levels depending on your feeling. 
The rubber brush can against bacteria effectively and can be cleaned easily. You just need to replace once a year, instead of once in 3 months as other toothbrushes. So it is more economical.What I love the most about Issa is that it can work with a single charge in year.
You just need  to remove the rear cover and plug in the USB port. The small size of Issa make it easy to take away.All in all, Foreo Issa is a very luxury toothbrush. I think that it is suitable for some certain users ( people with sensitive gums).
It seems to be used better with Sonicare or Oral – B than used alone. Buy on Amazon
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