The 10 unexpected benefits of a bath for health

Taking a bath is a moment of intense relaxation. But do you know that immerse in water could have a significant impact on our health?
Here are 10 scientifically proven benefits.
Maintain healthy heart
Contact with high temperature water, the heart begins to beat significantly faster. A kind of workout for the body, this allows better blood circulation in the body. In healthy people, hot baths can thus lowering heart pressure and improve heart function.
Help breathe better
When the water is hot and your heart beats faster, your oxygen intake increases and steam cleans your sinuses and lungs at the same time. But bathing in cold water can also have beneficial effects on the respiratory system when you’re ill. Plunge into ice water allows people with COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), severe pulmonary syndrome, significantly reduct the risk of infection.
Strengthen the backbone
It has been shown that physical activity and exercise in water have a beneficial impact on joints, muscles and bones. Reinforced by the resistance of the water, they are stronger and reduce the chances of injury during a fall. For people who suffer from osteoarthritis, giving some movement in the water occasionally would alleviate the pain.
Calm the nervous system
Immerse yourself in the water can not only reduce pain from inflammation, but also calm the nervous system by lowering the perceived stress level.
Agreeing a hydrotherapy treatment could also help people with multiple sclerosis to reduce the pain. 
Improve gastrointestinal health
The warmth of a bath can help relieve pain from hemorrhoids and anal fissures. The high temperature helps the sphincter to relax and accelerate the healing of post-operation wounds. A study has demonstrated that hot baths could help diabetics control better their weight through increased heart rate. 
Facilitate birth
At the first stage of laboring, some women choose this option to minimize the pain and maximize the relax. It is one way to speed things up when the mother is particularly anxious.
Balance the hormone levels
Chronic fatigue and some infertility problems associated with hormone can be treated with very cold baths. 
If you feel a little depressed, also know that the level of serotonin (the happy hormone) increases significantly when taking a hot bath.
Clean and moisturize the skin
Immerse yourself in a warm bath or agree a session in a steam room is a great way to cleanse the skin and moisturize. To enhance the action of water, it is recommended to add oil with moisturizing and rich mineral bath salts.
Hot water will also open the pores of the skin and make us sweat - An excellent natural cleanser for the body, which eliminates toxins.
Conversely, immerse in cold water helps tighten pores and reduce sweating, while continuing to moisturize.
Strengthen immune defenses
Take a hot bath helps remove bacteria and strengthen the immune system. In the same vein, the hot water has the power to relieve the symptoms of flu or a cold. As for immersion in ice water, it is demonstrated that it allows reducing and even increasing life expectancy for people with certain forms of cancer.
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