Sony GTK-XB90 high power bluethooth speakers
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GTK-XB90 Bluetooth speaker is a special wireless audio equipment that increases the apparent loudness of a recorded music or musical instrument connected to it via a cordless technology. 
It is built and developed by Sony Company. The built technology for these speakers makes it produce low pitch or rather sound of low intensity through a button push. The speakers are developed such that a lighting system which is in-built is connected to the sound system therefore there is endless music pulses that are produced as music is playing. This lighting technology creates a true partying environment according to the mood or event.
The speakers have a developed power system, this is specially collected or composed of a Lithium Ion battery that is rechargeable; once it is fully recharged it can last over a long span of time. The inbuilt battery is long lasting and developed together with a charging system where electrical power can be connected through to charge the battery. 
The battery attributes to its unique feature of portability and a special feature where a party or rather a fiesta can be carried on even without power. These portable speakers are developed with some android applications that enhances its suitability and efficiency according to users’ comfort. The application include a special application that develops an automatic range lighting and sound effects with respect to the mood created by the music playing in the device.
GTK-XB90 speakers also are developed with a Bluetooth application. This application makes it possible for this audio device to create a network in a room for instance, and connect with other devices. These devices includes other speakers which would make it possible to amplify the sound. Other common devices that might be connected includes Android or Windows mobile phone, laptops, personal computers and iPods.
The speakers are developed with some external features like USB ports, Input and Output ports. The USB port plays an important role in the features of this device. It makes it possible to plug in a phone or USB device to play music. This feature favors the user as one can play his or her preferred music.
The Input and Output ports enables the user to connect the device with entertainment appliances in a home like the TV or a Personal computer through a double jack pin cord. This enhances quality and audible sound being produced by the electronic appliances. 
The technology development aspect of this device is to create a special feature where the device can be connected to different users and the users can comfortably control the music playing. By this I mean, any of the user can for instance adjust the volume or change the music.The speaker is designed in a box that contains all the components and has a handle which enables portability feature to enhance convenience.
The box is fitted with lights and a speaker that is covered by a grill. It is also fitted with a screen where a user can control and access the different applications of the device. In an instance where there is need to address a large audience, an announcer can connect a microphone. The plugged in microphone will enable the user to comfortably address the audience without shouting. The fact that it can be connected to multiple speakers makes it possible to amplify more sound at the same time.
In a nutshell, this is an audio system developed by the Sony company with special attributes that beats the features of all other audio devices. The features makes it more suitable for the user and efficient or rather convenient for any function.
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