Second Edition. Completely updated in November 2016 and enhanced with the latest travel tips, tricks and secrets from a travel industry expert, including the most useful apps and social media groups. 

Many singles want to explore and travel the world, but are hesitant to travel alone. However, there are many benefits to solo travel—you don’t have to compromise on your travel destination, you can travel at any time that best fits your schedule, you can decide when and where to splurge on travel expenses, and when and where to budget. You can create your daily itinerary without compromise, you can change your daily plans as you see fit, and because you are solo, you can immerse yourself fully in your new environment. 

If the idea of solo travel is keeping you from exploring the world, this travel guide is just what you need. Whether you are planning to travel alone for the first time, or are looking for ways to maximize your solo travel—this travel guide has it all. 

Author Anil Swarup is not only an experienced traveler, but also an industry expert of over 20 years. He has created a solo travel guide that is catered to women, but is also beneficial to any singles who want to learn smart ways to travel alone. 

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