Smartphone addiction and what to do about it

The smartphone seems to be a magical device which is small enough to fit in your pocket when you connect with people from all over the world. You can take pictures, listen to music, or play games with it. Unfortunately, the power and the possibilities of the smartphone also have the downside.
Adverse effects of smartphone
Many people use the smartphone so much that it becomes an addiction. They consider it as a harmless amusement, for example, when waiting for a bus or train. However, research shows that too much use of smartphones has an adverse impact on certain aspects of our life.
Sleep deprivation
According to a survey of Daily Mail, people should sleep an average of 8 hours and 21 minutes per day, but they spend 8 hours and 41 minutes every day on using their smartphone and other media devices. 81% of the people who took part in the survey say that they use their phones even in bed. 40% of them even admit that even at the middle of the night, they wake up and grab their smartphone to see if there are new messages.
The loss of concentration and productivity
For many people, the reason to buy a smartphone is that they are so bored at work. The massive flow of messages and emails make users distracted continuously which prevents them from working. There are studies showing that people who regularly work on their computer or smartphone cannot concentrate fully when all equipment is turned off.
What can you do to your smartphone addiction?
Step 1: Find out how you use your smartphone
The first step towards reducing smartphone use is to examine how you use your smartphone. What do you use your smartphone for and how long do you use your smartphone? Once knowing this, you can create a plan to reduce smartphone use. For some, it may even be enough to see how much time they spend on the use of certain applications. Choose one app and use it for a week. At the end of the week, you will know ​​how you use your smartphone.
Step 2: Take action
Now you have known how you use your smartphone. It's time to take measures against it. You have a lot of options and which one you choose depends on how hard you actually need your smartphone and how much you want to reduce the use. Breaking your smartphone addiction is obviously not easy. Here are a few ways to reduce your smartphone use:
Use apps to restrict smartphone use
Turn off the notifications
Turn off internet and Wi-Fi
Delete unnecessary apps
Use a non-smartphone
"But what if I do not respond to messages immediately?"
Most people will argue that they need to know if they get a message so they can respond immediately. The current state of the technology gives us the feeling that we need to respond to messages immediately which is not necessary in most cases.
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