Six Science Hacks you Can Learn in Less than Five Minutes.

Did you know that it is quite easy to learn how to do almost everything in this world? Well, it is very possible, but unfortunately, due to the busy schedules and workloads, it makes it quite difficult to learn. Well, there is few science life hacks you can learn by yourself in less than five minutes only. These hacks include;
1. How to know when fruit is ripe. It is very easy to know if the fruits are ripe by just sniffing them.
If you know the smell of different fruits, then it would be so easy for you to find out when they are ready to eat or not. Ripe fruits have their natural scent because the carbohydrates in the fruit have been broken down into the sugars and this is what we smell. Do not buy fruits based on their color instead use their scent.
2. How to recall everyone’s name.
We meet different people in every day of our lives, and it may be quite difficult to remember their names or images when you meet them again. Well, it is quite easy to recognize a person you have met earlier. How? The first time you meet the person take a picture with your mind. This act helps you store their vision in your mind for a long time, and the moment you meet them again, you will be able to remember them.
3. How to avoid reheated pizza from getting soggy.
If a pizza is heated in the microwave is bound to get soggy. This is because microwave covers the cooked food with electromagnetic radiation which in return is absorbed by water, fats and sugars hence converted into heat whereby some waves are reflected instead hence producing water. Therefore it is quite easy to prevent this by adding one ounce of water to the microwave which helps sink all the extra energy produced hence preventing your pizza from vaporizing and getting soggy.
4. How to fall asleep faster.You might find it difficult to catch your sleep at night.
You can solve this by looking for patterns noises of your eyelids and try to follow the sounds. Once you can see full images know, you are about to get to sleep. Sometimes it may not work immediately but just relax and take your time, and it will work.
5. How to make your watch a compass
Did you know you can turn your watch to compass? Well, this is quite easy by just horizontally setting the watch such that the hour hand is facing the sun. The line that you view passing through the midpoint of the hour hand and 12 is north to south axis.
6. How to read at a fast rate.
You can easily read at a speed rate by just reading with your eyes but not with your head or voices. Ensure you completely avoid using voices as you cannot be able to mention words at the same way you can be able to comprehend the phrase with your brains.
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