Sings You're Not Yet In A Relationship


The lines between relationship and ‘casual’ relationships is often blurry. Sometimes we just assume that, because it seems like a relationship, we are exlusively dating a person. Sometimes, however, no matter how coupley you seem, your ‘partner’ just doesn’t see it as a relationship. 
Here are some signs you aren’t quite there yet:
Duration: There is no set time that a relationship starts to become important. While often a couple that have been dating for a month or so might fall into a pattern where it seems implied that they are exclusive, it doesn’t necessarily equate to a relationship.
When you hear someone you know same something like ‘my ex and I were deeply in love but after a month she suddenly became confused about us’, odds are in the ex’s eyes, she was mentally stuck at the point when they were dating and wasn’t invested in their courtship. Similarly, if you haven’t been with someone long, even if it feels like the right thing you may not be there yet.
No shared experiences: If you don’t have any shared experiences with someone that you can instantly call back to, such as ‘you remember that time at Sparky’s…{unspoken glance that indicates you had sex there} then odds are you aren’t yet official and you’re just dating.
No sex: This is a controversial one but is almost unavoidable unless there are religious/cultural or physical reasons not to do it. The whole point of a relationship is that you are exclusively with the other person and this will usually mean regular intercourse over a sustained period. 
We don’t want to minimise relationships where people don’t for whatever reason indulge in coitus but let’s face it – in this day and age not many people have hang ups about sex and most of us want to do it. It’ll be happening if it’s a serious relationship.
You have your eyes on someone else. If you’ve got your eyes on someone else (or think your partner does) it ain’t official. You should keep looking.
So while it’s easy to call your casual thing a relationship, if any of the above is true, odds are you aren’t quite there yet.
Time might get you there!
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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