Sings Your Partner Is Having A Quarter life Crisis


Often a person hits their late 20s or early 30s and starts to doubt their direction in life. 
In the old days, people would marry in their early twenties and work at the same job for 40 years. In this time of endless possibilities, where people change careers at the drop of the hat, have kids in their forties via IVF and social media provides endless reminders of how well your contemporaries (want you to think they) are doing, people often start questioning the path they are on and act out accordingly. Signs your partner has lost it include:
Endless talk about careers and money:
where conversation used to centre around girls, booze and sport, all of a sudden the sole focus is on career and salaries. They openly drop their salary to impress friends and you are surprised, given it’s 25% higher than what appears on their payslips.
Endless talk about investments:
They start talking about the stock market, property and stuff like ‘going long’. Odds are they have learned it from The Wolf of Wall Street and do not understand what they are talking about.
A renewed interest in single life:
They start organising girls/boys nights very other week and return home at odd hours with a rampaging hangover and a flimsy explanation. They try to coach their pals on how to pick up on Tinder. 
They start talking about fields they have no understanding of. All of a sudden, despite having no business acumen or understanding of management, they decide to do an MBA or a qualification which is of no relevance to his field.
They wants to get fit:
Previously a little slobbish, they decide it’s time to get sport and starts signing up for all sorts of sporting events with friends, most of which are sponsored by the corporates they aspire to work for.
They start a get rich quick scheme:
They start trying to sell bizarre products online, like Tamagotchis or counterfeit watches. They start start talking to friends about their business together which will one day be ‘huge’, but they seem to have no desire to put money into it and no idea how to execute it.
They try to change you:
You’ve always been a pretty relaxed sort of a person and a quiet night in with a glass of wine is your idea of fun. You are suddenly expected to be Ivana Trump/Wilmer Valderama.
The cause of a lot of this behaviour is insecurity. The period in ones late 20s is when many of their peers start making headway in their careers and they start families etc. 
We are more exposed to the purported successes of our peers through social media and those that don’t feel they measure up try to compensate by presenting an image of success, which includes an exaggerated image of a happy love life, career, wealth, academic success and success in other endeavours like sport or hobbies. 
It is not enough to be one thing. They must be all things. If your partner starts doing the above, the important thing is to reassure them they are adequate as is. If it doesn’t abate, get the hell outta town!
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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