See the Future, In Psychedelic Vision


The market is flooded with millions of products that claim to be unlike anything you have seen before. From fitbits to smartphones, it feels like we have seen it all. Well, that isn’t true. Chemion has come out with the coolest and most psychedelic glasses of all times. And yes, they are available to purchase and you can add them to your cart right now.
This Bluetooth enabled glasses will pull you out of your introvert shell and make you a hit among the party goers. If you love going to concerts and partying all night, Chemion glasses will be your new (and cool) best friend. Here are the reasons why you need to own the super awesome glasses to complement your super cool lifestyle:   
1. Appeal We all want a product to have a certain visual appeal before purchasing it. The Chemion glasses will make you go weak in the knees with the kind of vibe it lets out. The moment you open the box and slide the glasses over your eyes, you will never want to take them off.
2. Functions Not only does it look great by itself but it actually is built to function in a way that will blow your mind. Once you put them on, pre-built in text and animations appear on the glasses. An accurate and spot on equalizer display makes this a must-have.
3. Creativity All you need to do is connect it to the app and bam! You can unleash the creative party beast in you. You can enter in the text you want and create your own animations as well! An option to bounce the text as it moves across the glasses will get you excited like a kid. Designs uploaded by other users can also be downloaded and used on your glasses.
4. Convenience These glasses come with a strap to hold it in place in case you’re going to be moving your head a bit too much all night long. The batteries avoid the hassle of charging and are therefore a major plus.
It is obvious now why it won’t be dramatic to call these the glasses of the future! They look great and perform cooler than any other pair of glasses you have ever owned (or ever will own). Technology couples with fun to give your nightlife an awesome twist. It sure is going to be difficult wearing the usual non-psychedelic glasses to work the next day!
Nguyen Kinh Luan
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