If you plan to travel to Europe, you will find Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door is a useful book for you to experience the different cultures, spend less money and have more fun. The author, Rick Steves, shares his real-life experience across Europe during 30 years. The book includes a lot of things you really need to know when traveling through Europe such as planning your itinerary, finding good-value hotels and restaurants, getting relevant transportation, avoiding tourist scams, preventing culture-shock, adapting to language barriers and saving money and time.  

Rick Steves is as a host and writer of the popular public television series Rick Steves' Europe, and best-selling author of 40 European travel books. Rick's commentary is extremely helpful in trying to lay out a tour - what to see and what not to waste time on. His reasonable advice on when and where we should visit that is extremely important, so we can make the most out of each day.The book contains a lot of helpful guides and tips on everything from where to dine, how to get past waiting lines and ways to avoid pickpockets.

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