Rhinoplasty: The Experts' Reference
The coverage of all the different aspects and nuances of rhinoplasty surgery is fantastic and it stands up to the title - this is an excellent reference for those...faced with a challenging patient or [who] want to take their practice to the next stage. -- The Journal of Laryngology & Otology
For those with an interest in rhinoplasty, it is an excellent desktop reference, to which I myself will refer. -- ENT & Audiology News
Rhinoplasty: The Experts' Reference is a comprehensive text that provides guidance from world-renowned experts on every aspect of rhinoplasty, from the functional to the cosmetic.
The book opens with a section on initial patient assessment and consultation, moves on to such topics as surgery of the septum, with separate sections on the nuances of functional nasal surgery and revision rhinoplasty, and concludes with a section on avoiding and managing surgical complications. Each chapter is written by an expert on a specific topic and presents tried-and-true rhinoplasty techniques that can be readily implemented by facial plastic surgeons.
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