Protecting Teenagers from Internet Predators

Protecting teenagers has become a harder job for parents because of the Internet. There are Predators who target teenagers and tell them the things they like to hear, so they can lure them out of their comfort zone and abduct them. They encourage them to take risks, as they know they are innocent and they don't know anything about the porn industry, the drug trade and the other dangerous activities that take place in the world every day. Parents need to do more to protect their children, and guide them so they can grow up to become smart teenagers.
Protecting teenagers is not just about taking them to and from school. It is about communicating with them in the best way, so they can know they are loved. This helps them to have courage, when they need to stand up for what is right after they know the difference between both wrong and right.
Teenagers who know they are loved will not keep as much secrets, they will tell their parents about everything that is happening in their lives. When parents neglect their duties and children grow up without parental guidance, they are easily tricked and then they become an easy prey for predators, they see them as objects to be used and discarded.  
Teenagers should be warned frequently about the dangers they face. They should be told how to decide which friend requests they should accept and which ones they should refuse, when they are allowed to have social media accounts.  It won't hurt if they are told stories of the terrible things that are happening to teenagers these days. Tell teenagers about the convicted rapist 33 year old Peter Chapman who allegedly met 17 year old Ashleigh Hall on Facebook.
Ashleigh was raped and murdered after she decided to meet Peter in person. She didn't realize she was meeting a convicted rapist, who planned to kill her. It is easy for persons to lie when they are online, so Facebook has issued a statement about her death, as they are deeply saddened and they have warned users against meeting online friends.
It is sad that there are so many unscrupulous persons in the world; they believe that hurting people is just like playing games. That is why they use the internet, which is such a very helpful thing for a lot of people all over the world; as a tool to do evil acts. They lie about their age and there is no way for their victims to know the truth about their age and anything else until they meet them.
However when the meeting takes place the victim is already in danger and it is hard for them to escape. Telling teenagers about the lies that are told by predators on the internet and in other places can be very important and they should be encouraged to talk about all the conversations they have online, as when parents know about these conversations, they are able to pick up on the lies that are told, they will do their best to keep their teenagers safe as well. 
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