Not simply just a Flashlight

DPPower’s 4-in-1 Tool Kit is quite cheap, about $25, but it is fully waterproofed as well as having many different functionalities:

A flashlight with 280 lumens of brightness. 3 different levels and an SOS flickering mode.
A mobile battery cell, 10400mAh, which receives a voltage input of 5V 1A and charges other devices at 5V 2.4A. This battery can keep the light running for 16 continuous hours at the brightest level.
A small safety knife, in the case of an accident that you need to cut your way out.
A nail specialized in breaking car windows in order to escape.

Normally, the 2 last functions cost about 10$ for devices such as this, making the flashlight and battery 15$, which is quite reasonable.

Something I like about this flashlight is that it uses CREE high-quality bulbs which are bright and durable. However, its focus can’t be adjusted, therefore it can only light up one spot, which is quite annoying.
Moreover, when charging the flashlight or the phone, the flashlight function is rendered useless.
DPPower meets the IPX6 standard on dirt protection; you can use it in a highly humid environment or when it’s raining, just don’t dip it into water. Remember no to spill water into the flashlight when you open the lid to charge the flashlight. IPX6 is only valid when the light is fully protected.
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