Natalie Dormer: "Game of Thrones triggered controversy. This is great!"


Natalie Dormer, the winner of the 2016 Max Mara Face of the Future award - Women in Film, has changed little since the Middle Ages, a period she begined to master for being one of the heroines of the Tudors and Game of Thrones - whose sixth season airs now. She says and she proves, showing her great cashmere coat from Max Mara, slamming like a surcoat, cinching her waist by a wide belt of halberdie. Natalie Dormer sees no difference between the medieval cloakroom and today: "At all times, clothing has always had the same function, it makes women beautiful and gives them the power, the assurance and confidence. Honestly, that's what I like about Max Mara.”

"Tudor" to "Hunger Games"


Natalie Dormer, 34, has displayed the confidence and a vigilant powerful woman. It is a conquering. This is seen from your warlike approach to your way of sitting and getting up in the middle of your presentation to make it more dramatic. It attacks the ground as she attacks the boards. "Ah, the theater, my first love! She says.

This is what makes the difference between English and American actresses. “Rubbing” along early with complicated texts and the vertigo of the scene provide an actress many advanced acting skills. "And Dormer has a vital need, she loves challenges, challenging roles that consume the innards and let go at the end of her emotions.”

I was very well prepared for the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. "After having gained some fame in the Tudors television series through 2011 on Canal + in which she played Anne Boleyn (a role which earned her two years in a nominated row for Gemini Awards in Canada), Natalie Dormer explodes in Game of Thrones, where she plays Margaery Tyrell. In ten years, she became the darling of Hollywood.

"I like surprises. And above all, I do not want to be prudent. At my age, it would be criminal. A chance like this does not happen twice, "says this tall blonde with blue lagoon eyes, which after triumphed in three films TV series, The Forest, Jason Zada, Patient Zero, Stefan Ruzowitzky , and in Darkness thriller, Anthony Byrne (next exit). A turning point in her career.

"I never like to play a role lukewarm"


I like sulfur and complex characters

Natalie Dormer is also a marathon runner and a poker champion. That says it all: nerves of steel, patience Sioux, an iron will, a fighter pilot concentration, a surgeon precision.

Natalie Dormer has said: “I would never play a lukewarm role. I love the passion, excess and sulfur and complex characters. The television series Game of Thrones has sometimes been criticized for its violent scenes. There would be too many massacres, scenes of rape and torture! Does it remind you of anything? But just turn on your television. The same thing is happening today on our borders! These scenes are unfortunately only the echo of our own reality. If this series can trigger polemics, that is good. For me, art is to move the lines."

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