Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner
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Build a Thriving Holistic Health Care Practice. A simple low cost guide for Therapists and Practitioners on Getting and Keeping your Clients.

This work book is a must for any practitioner, therapist, reader or service professional starting their own business. One hundred twenty five pages of marketing ideas and tools to get you motivated and get you going. This book includes a step by step guide for writing your promotional materials such as a business card and brochure. If you are a Reiki Master, Massage Therapist or any type energy worker, this book will help you get started!

What will you get from this book?

Marketing ideas and clear direction for marketing yourself and your business. It is written in clear language, without jargon. You will have a template for writing your promotional materials. You will be motivated to get started on building your practice!

Michelle Vandepas, author, writes in her introduction:

"I've trained hundreds of clinicians, who practiced all types of therapies and came from different spiritual and religious beliefs. I’ve worked with homeopaths, massage therapists, nutritionists, Born Again Christians and pagans. However I found a common thread binding each practitioner. It was, (and is) a deep understanding that healing comes from within, using forces not always seen and a foundation of healing based upon spiritual laws. I loved working with these healers.

The holistic industry has a special place in my heart. In 1987 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome along with Epstein Barr and Mononucleosis. Somehow I managed to keep my computer business running with a myriad of symptoms that included migraine headaches, permanently swollen lymph glands, arthritis, and extreme tiredness. Put simply, my body was worn out, burned out, and I was depleted, emotionally and spiritually. A friend introduced me to Dr. Spencer Woolley, a homeopathic physician. My health journey had not yet taken me into the holistic world. The first conversation I had with him was foreign and included strange notions such as ‘ nutritious healing diet’. However, I connected instantly to him and his message. More important, I trusted him and I trusted the modality. I felt hope that I would someday be well again.

My studies and therapies were diverse including massage, chiropractic and acupuncture and more controversial therapies such as energy work, Chakra balancing and soul retrieval. I learned a lot about holistic and spiritual healing, and combined this with my business and marketing expertise. After years of consulting, I wrote this book. It combines marketing ideas, with some observations, of what makes a successful practitioner. Perhaps you have picked up this book because you could use some new ideas. Maybe you are just curious.

I write this book for the beginning therapist. As a holistic health care practitioner, you are on the forefront of the future of healthcare. I applaud you. You are living your passion, and through this passion, guiding yourself and others to healing. You are working toward global well-ness and healing of the planet. You just need some prodding, some motivation and some help to get your practice going. This book is it! Just follow the steps and it is guaranteed to help you!"

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