Los límites del amor: Hasta dónde amarte sin renunciar a lo que soy (Biblioteca Walter Riso) (Spanish Edition)
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To love is one of the most significant experiences of a human being. In the case of relationships between a couple, the complete giving of oneself, irrevocable and unconditionally, to the other, is seen as a marvelous and desirable ideal. But, who says that love justifies everything? Where did we come up with the absurd notion that to love implies renouncing oneself, annulling or sacrificing ourselves to the point of ignoring our interests and our fundamental needs? The renowned therapist Walter Riso teaches that the criticism of these harmful loves is that they support dependent relationships and attempts against the individual, personal dignity and self-esteem. The idea that someone would want to stay in a relationship that can be a source of violence, frustrations and humiliation, constitutes a distortion of the true meaning of love.

About the Author

Walter Riso is a psychologist, specializing in cognitive therapy and bioethics. For over 28 years he has worked as a therapist, practicing alternately as a university chair while contributing with scientific publications and psychological disclosures. He is a professor of cognitive therapy in different psychological schools in Latin America and Spain, and is the honorary president of the Columbian Association of Cognitive Therapy. His previous works include El camino de los sabios, La afectividad masculina, and Amores altamente peligrosos.

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