Keeping your brain sharp

There are several activities that a person can perform on the daily basis that helps to improve his brain's sharpness. The first one is getting enough sleep during the night. Despite the fact that the relationship between memory, sleep, and learning is not sufficiently researched, it is well known that information acquisition, storage and recall are processes that largely depend on the freshness of the brain. When the brain is fatigued, these functions are slowed, and then efficiency in performance fails as well. 
The other practice that can help boost the sharpness is drinking lots of water. Water is a natural coolant, and it helps relax mind and body. Also, water contains oxygen that is always required in the body. Drinking lots of water help the brain to absorb more oxygen which is important for keeping the brain heavily supplied with oxygen. More oxygen in the brain boosts its performance as well. Also, taking a lot of water, vegetables and fruit juices helps to reduce the chances of the diseases that decrease brain’s sharpness such as Alzheimer (Wootton, & Horne, 2011).
Practicing an instrument is another way of boosting brains sharpness. Music is one of the most important ways of stimulating the brain. Thus, learning to play musical instruments one at a time facilitates the development of much improved mind-body coordination. Scientists assert that listening to music and learning how to different types of musical instruments improves one’s reasoning thus boosting creativity.   
The last and also a very important practice are to always to regulate the time that an individual spends of the digital screens. Spending too much time on computers, cell phones, Smartphone, and tablets slows down the rate of thinking thus decreasing the brain's sharpness. Also, over relying on the internet for a solution to problems lowers the rate of thinking and this affects the sharpness of the brain. Thus, it is important to challenge the brain in reasoning and to create new solutions to common problems. 
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